It’s time to change the way you feel about your period!

Menstrual Cup SiteStop dreading that time of the month. Take charge of your menstrual health, do something good for the environment and save yourself money by switching to a menstrual cup! We think a menstrual cup is the best way to handle your period every month and we’ll show you why!

Read through our buying guide to find the best menstrual cup, browse our menstrual cup reviews and compare menstrual cup brands. We’ll help you find the best menstrual cup for your body!

We also have a thorough guide to buying the best period panties. Menstrual panties work great with menstrual cups!

menstrual cup reviews

Menstrual Cup Reviews

period panty reviews

Find the Best Menstrual Cup!

A complete buyer’s guide to finding the best menstrual cup with reviews and a handy comparison table to help you pick the perfect cup for your body. You’ll become a cup-convert, I promise!

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 Menstrual Cup Reviews

Read through out reviews of the best menstrual cup brands. Our in depth menstrual cup reviews allow you to really get to know the products before you choose to buy them.

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Find the Best Period Panties!

A complete guide to finding the best period panties! Period underwear is a super comfortable way to manage your period. You’ll love them. Trust us!

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What is a menstrual cup? How do you use it?

A menstrual cup is a small silicone cup that you insert into your vagina when you have your period. It works in a similar way to a tampon but, instead of absorbing the blood, the menstrual cup collects the menstrual fluid throughout the day. After about 12 hours you simply empty it out into the toilet, rinse it and reinsert it. Simple!

Why buy a menstrual cup?

Better for your body – Menstrual cups are better for your body than tampons. Many women experience a decrease in pain and cramps associated with their period after using a cup for a few months. You’ll notice almost no odor associated with your period now. The smell actually comes from the menstrual blood collecting on the pad or tampon, not the fluid itself. There’s no risk of toxic shock syndrome when using a menstrual cup as there is with tampons.

Better for the environment – Unlike pads and tampons, a menstrual cup means zero waste goes to landfill every month.

Better for your wallet – A menstrual cup is a one of purchase and costs between $15 and $40 depending on the cup you buy. You can reuse the cup for years. This saves you a lot of money as you’ll no longer need to purchase pads and tampons every month.

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