Best Menstrual Cup Cleaner & Wipes

Best Menstrual Cup Cleaner, Wash and Wipes

If you’re looking for the best menstrual cup cleaner to keep your cup clean and fresh then take a look at the options we have found! Grab the best menstrual cup wash and and menstrual cup wipes for when you’re on the go!


Best Menstrual Cup Cleaner


Best Menstrual Cup Wipes


Using Your Menstrual Cup for the First Time

Using Menstrual Cup for the First Time

If you’re new to using menstrual cups to manage your period then I’ve got a few tips to help you get started smoothly and successfully. Many women try a menstrual cup once and are subsequently put off because they have issues with discomfort, problems inserting or removing it or leaking while using their menstrual cup.

There is a learning curve with using a menstrual cup for the first few times but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it a comfortable and convenient way to manage your menstrual cycle each month.

Here are a few tips for using your menstrual cup the first few times:

Make sure you’re using the right menstrual cup!

Picking the right cup to get start is absolutely crucial to your success. You need a cup that is the right size, shape and capacity for your body and cycle. Use this guide to find the right menstrual cup. If you’re unsure, I would advise choosing a softer, smaller cup to get started with ease. You can always go larger if you find yourself emptying it more often than every 12 hours.

Practice during your period

Don’t try and do a “dry run” with your cup before you have your period. It doesn’t feel great and you’ll have no indication that your cup is properly inserted and won’t leak. Try once your period starts.

Start out in the shower

Give yourself time to warm up and relax in a hot shower. Squat or put a leg up and have a go at inserting your menstrual cup for the first time. It might take a few goes and it might be a bit messy but doing it in the shower takes care of that problem.

Experiment with different folds

There are quite a few ways to fold your menstrual cup to insert it but the most common are the C fold and the punch down fold. It might take you a couple of tries to master each fold and figure out one works best for your bod. You can read more about the different folds here and get directions on how to use them. I find it easiest to slide a finger up along side the cup as it goes in to make sure I’ve got the angle right and to stop the fold popping open to soon.

Make sure you have a good seal

Once you’ve inserted your cup you need to make sure you have a good seal to prevent it leaking. Fold it, insert it and then make sure your cup has popped open and formed a seal inside your vagina. You should be able to feel the cup pop open and into place. You may need to wiggle it into place a little. Give the stem a very gentle tug to make sure it’s in place. If it easily starts to move down your vagina when you tug it, there is no seal. Try turning it around a little until it slips into place. If it doesn’t work, take it out and try again, maybe even using a different fold style. If it has sealed properly you shouldn’t be able to pull it out when you give it a gentle tug. If you get a good seal, your cup won’t leak (unless it’s full to the brim!).

Practice removing and emptying your cup

Again, I recommend doing your removals in the shower. At least for the first few times. You can’t always use a shower when you’re out and about but, to start with, it’s the best place to practice. Squat and insert your thumb and index finger in to reach your menstrual cup. You might be able to reach the stem or the base of the cup but if you can’t you’ll need to move your cup down a bit using your vaginal muscles. Just bear down and push the cup down your vagina, similar to pooping. Do this with your fingers still inside yourself and you’ll soon feel the cup. Pinch the base or run a finger up the side to release the seal and the pull the cup out. It takes a few goes to get used to it so practice in the shower!

Wear back up protection

Just while you’re getting used to using your menstrual cup for the first few times, I would recommend wearing some back up protection. If you haven’t quite got your cup inserted right you could leak. Likewise, if it’s not inserted right and you’re feeling really uncomfortable, you want to be able to whip it out. I would suggest using a panty liner or pad or wearing a pair of menstrual panties just until you get used to your cup and are sure you won’t leak. Read our guide to buying the best menstrual panties here.

How to Ask Your Mom for a Menstrual Cup

If you’ve just started your period or had it a few times already then you know that using tampons and pads can be inconvenient, uncomfortable, smelly and a bit embarrassing. Switching to a menstrual cup is great for your health, the planet and your wallet. By starting out using a menstrual cup you’re setting yourself up for a healthier period. Trust me.

It can be tricky for teenage girls to talk to their moms about their bodies. If you want to ask your mom for a menstrual cup, here’s how.


Asking Your Mom for a Menstrual Cup:

If you feel comfortable talking to your mom about your period and your body then I suggest having a quick conversation and running through the benefits of using a menstrual cup over pads or tampons.

Here are some talking points:

  • Talk to your mom about the cost-saving benefits of using a menstrual cup. Menstrual cups cost between $15-40 and are one-off purchase. The average woman spends $50 to $70 on disposable tampons and pads per year. That’s a big difference!
  • Talk to your mom about the environmental benefits of using a menstrual cup. Zero waste to landfill. No smelly waste paper basket to empty from the bathroom.
  • Talk to your mom about the physical health benefits. Tampons pose a risk of toxic shock syndrome. Teenage girls have died from toxic shock syndrome in the past.
  • Let your mom know that using a menstrual cup can lessen cramping during your period.
  • Let your mom know that using a menstrual cup doesn’t mean you’re not a virgin. (Some moms might think this is a concern. It’s really not OK!)


Alternatively, send mom this blog post!

Sometimes it’s easier to talk over email or instant message about these kinds of “awkward” subjects! You could send them this blog post to read through or copy the points below to an email and send it to your mom if you feel that would be easier.

Moms! If you’re reading this post because your daughter sent it to you, have a look through my guide to buying menstrual cups. I outline the full benefits and features of using a menstrual cup, how it works and which models are best for teenage girls.

>>>> Guide to Buying Menstrual Cups <<<<<

Blossum Cup is one of the best menstrual cups for teens! Click here to find out more about the Blossum Cup.


If you really want to, just buy a menstrual cup yourself!

I totally get that talking to your mom about your period can be tough or embarrassing. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to your mom about your period at all then consider buying a menstrual cup online and having it shipped to a friend or relative’s house. A Blossum Cup is the most affordable menstrual cup and the great news is that it’s one of the best menstrual cups for teenagers.

Best Period Panties 2018: Reviews & Guide on Using Them!

period panty reviews

If you haven’t yet heard about menstrual underwear, girl… it’s time you knew! We’ve made a list of the best period panties and will tell you why you’ll fall in love with period proof underwear. In this period panties review and buying guide, we will help you pick the best period underwear for your cycle. Once you’ve read this post and tried a pair or two out for yourself, you will be a period panty convert. Trust us!

Our Top Pick: Best Period Panties

Don’t have time to read all my period panty reviews? The best menstrual panties overall are the Hesta Organic Cotton Period Panties. You can’t go wrong with a set of these if you want to get started using period proof panties to help manage your monthly flow. They are the best panties for periods because they affordable, comfortable and provide good leak protection. Click here to read more reviews and purchase.

What is Menstrual Underwear? What Does It Do?

What are period panties? Period panties are lined, leakproof panties that you wear on your period. You can use them in two ways – as back up leak proof underwear to your tampon or menstrual cup or as completely free bleeding underwear. It’s kind of like underwear with built in pad.

How do you use period panties? How to use period panties completely depends on your personal preference, your flow and your cycle length. For me personally, I like to wear them with a menstrual cup for days one and two of my period. One day three I wear my period undies with my cup during the day and by night I switch to just the sanitary panties overnight. On days four and five my period if light enough to do a free flow period and simply wear my reusable period panties overnight.

What makes period underwear leak proof? Menstrual panties are leak proof panties with pads that are strategically placed to absorb your menstrual fluid.

Can you wear period absorbing underwear alone? Yes, you can! On days where your flow isn’t super heavy, you can wear the period panties on their own. If you’re on days one or two of your period and you still want to do a free bleeding period then you can still wear leak proof period panties but you will need to change them a couple of times throughout the day.

Do period panties work? They do but it is a matter of knowing your flow and your product. Some leak proof underwear for periods is designed as a back up, think of them kind of as pad panties. Others can hold more fluid and can be worn alone most of the time.

Note: This is not a review of funny period panties with crazy images like the Harebrained ones. You can read our post on them later.


Best Period Panties 2018 at a Glance

Our period panties comparison chart will help you choose the best underwear for periods. For all these period panties Amazon is the best place to buy them, except for Thinx period panties which can only be purchased on their website. We’ve added a link to you can click through and check prices on all these panties for periods.

Best Period PantiesMaterialProsConsPrice
Thinx Period PantiesCotton + elastane Six styles - thong, cheeky, sport, boyshort, high waist & hiphugger
Very absorbent with full coverage and moisture wicking
Expensive!! Check Prices

Hesta Organic Cotton Period Panties
Organic cotton + spandexAffordable
3 pack
Two colors - black & beige
Full coverage liner from front to back
Soft organic cotton
Beige pair not lined with black
Slightly wide crotch
Check Prices

Dear Kate Underwear
Nylon, lycra, polyester + spandexThree styles - thong, mini & full
Super soft
Comfortable, breathable fabric
Moisture wicking and odor control
Expensive!! Check Prices

Anigan EvaWear Period Panties
Nylon, cotton + spandexTwo styles - bikini & hipster
Comes single or in a 2 pack
Full coverage liner from front to back
Soft, hypoallergenic material
Narrow crotch
Sizing only up to XL
Check Prices

Period Panteez
Nylon, cotton + spandexBoyshort style
Shapewear effect
30 day money back guarantee
Two colors - pink & white
Part coverage
Best paired with a pad
Check Prices

Knixwear Knix Everyday Seamless Panties
Nylon, spandex + cottonFour styles - Thong, bikini, boyshort & high rise
Moisture wicking
Comfortable, breathable fabric
Seamless cut
Light leak protection only Check Prices

Simple Necessit-Ease Bff Period Undies
Cotton + spandexComfortable, breathable fabric
Very affordable
Light leak protection only
Front coverage could be higher
Check Prices

Yoyi Fashion Bamboo Leakproof Panties
Bamboo + spandexSoft bamboo fabric
Comfortable and breathable
Very affordable
Part coverage at the front only
Light leak protection
Check Prices


Top 8 Period Panties – Review of Best Brands

Our period underwear reviews will help you choose the best underwear for your period. We’ve picked out the top 8 brands of women’s period panties. Read through theses period proof underwear reviews and work out the ideal pair for your cycle, flow and if you’d like to use them as back up menstrual cup or tampon underwear or if you would like to free flow menstruation. Either way, protective underwear for period blood is a game changer for us girls!


Thinx Period Panties

Thinx really set the gold standard when it comes to women’s leak proof underwear for periods. Not only have they made menstrual period panties mainstream, they also make a fantastic product. I have tried these out personally and have used them free flow or as a back up to my menstrual cup. They are great underwear for menstrual cycle use.

Thinx period pants are anti-microbial, moisture-wicking, absorbent, and leak-resistant. They don’t feel damp or diaper-ish. They’re super comfy and come in six different styles from thong all the way up to full waist.

However, there is one huge problem. The main downside with Thinx underwear is that they’re just so darn expensive! They range in price from $24 for a thong up to $39 for a pair of their period panties boyshorts. To buy a whole cycle of set would cost hundreds of dollars.

What we recommend is buying one or two pair of the heavy duty Thinx menstrual panties and using these for free bleeding or for nights on your heavy days. Then for your lighter days, sleeping during days 3+ of your cycle you can use a cheaper menstrual panty from the rest of the list below.

If you plan on using absorbent period underwear simply as back up to menstrual cups or tampons or for sleeping then you don’t need to spend the money on Thinx underwear.

You can get a $10 off coupon on your first pair by clicking here.

Hesta Organic Cotton Period Panties

  • Material: 95% Global Organic Textile Standard Certified Cotton and 5% spandex
  • Sizing: XS to 4XL
  • Cut: Only one basic panty style
  • Coverage: Full coverage front to back
  • Colors: Available in beige and black
  • Pack: Comes in a three pack

These are a great reusable period underwear. They are much more affordable than Thinx as you get three pairs in a pack for almost the same cost as one pair of Thinx. They do a great job of coping with a decent amount of menstrual fluid and can be wore solo on lighter days thanks to the full coverage that runs from front to back.

Check prices and read more reviews of the Hesta Organic Cotton Period Panties here.

Dear Kate Underwear

  • Material: 76% Nylon & 24% Lycra (body) with 90% Micropolyester & 10% Spandex (lining)
  • Sizing: XS to 3XL
  • Cut: Full, mini and thong
  • Coverage: Full coverage front and back
  • Colors: Black with colored trim in several colours
  • Pack: Single pair only

Dear Kate menstrual underwear is pretty darn good. The fabric on these menstrual panties is super comfortable and soft. The cut is great in all three different styles and women love them. They are very expensive however and are priced similarly to the Thinx panties.

When comparing Dear Kate vs Thinx underwear you’ll notice that they are pretty similar in price. While Dear Kate claim to be only as a back up, they are actually pretty good at leak control and can hold up a similar amount to the Thinx Sport or Cheeky.

Get prices on the Dear Kate Underwear for periods here.

Anigan EvaWear Period Panties

  • Material: Nylon, cotton and spandex
  • Sizing: S to XL
  • Cut: Bikini or hipster style available
  • Coverage: Full coverage front to back
  • Colors: Available in black only
  • Pack: One or two pack

Moisture wicking, absorbent and breathable period underpants. These are slightly narrower through the crotch so we would recommend them for lighter flow days or as backup women’s period underwear when using a menstrual cup or tampon. They’re tagless and hypoallergenic so great for people who are irritated by certain fabrics or sensitive to tags. A good option if you’re budget conscious and looking for affordable underwear for menstruation.

Right now they only go up to an XL but the manufacturer tells us they will be doing larger sizes soon.

Read more reviews of the Anigan EvaWear Period Panties or check prices to purchase.

Period Panteez

  • Material: Nylon, cotton and spandex
  • Sizing: XXS – XL
  • Cut: Boyshort
  • Coverage: Part coverage front to back
  • Colors: Available in pink or white
  • Pack: Singles pairs only

Read any Period Panteez reviews and you’ll see these are a popular choice for reusable menstrual underwear. These soft and very comfortable panties for menstruation can be used with pads, tampons or a cup on heavier days and solo on lighter days.The Boyshort style has a light shapewear effect. This helps keep a pad in place if you’re wearing them with a pad if you are wearing one on a heavy day. They are said to help with cramps and bloating. Made in the USA and have a 30 day moneyback guarantee.

Click here to read more reviews or check prices on the Period Panteez.

Knixwear Knix Everyday Seamless Panties

  • Material: 65% Nylon and 35% Spandex with a cotton gusset
  • Sizing: S to XXL
  • Cut: Thong, bikini, boyshort and high rise
  • Coverage: Part coverage front to back
  • Colors: Available in black or beige
  • Pack: Singles pairs only

The protection offered by Knixwear panties isn’t that high. They are only designed to catch leaks or spotting so are ideally used for those light days at the end of your period or in conjunction with a menstrual cup or tampon. You could also use them when you think your period might be due to catch those first few spots. Think of them similar to a panty liner.

On the plus side they are moisture wicking so you won’t feel damp and they have odor resistant fabric. These are super nice looking panties that come in four different styles – thong, bikini, boyshort and high rise . There’s no seams so you’ll avoid a visible panty line and the fabric is super light and breathable so they’re very comfy.

Click here to check prices on the Knixwear Knix Everyday Seamless Panties.

Simple Necessit-Ease Bff Period Undies

  • Material: 95% cotton and 5% spandex
  • Sizing: XS to XL
  • Cut: Bikini only
  • Coverage: Part coverage front to back
  • Colors: Available in black or beige
  • Pack: Singles pairs only

These are a great little pair of comfy, breathable panties that are useful as back up menstrual protection or for sleeping. The leak protection at the front could go a bit higher so they’re not ideal for wearing at night if you like to sleep on your front. Order at least one to two sizes up as the leg holes can feel a bit tight. You’ll find these very comfy panties for your period.

These panties are very affordable and are great choice if you’re looking for cheap period panties.

Click here to check prices and read reviews of Simple Necessit-Ease Bff Period Undies.

  • Material: 95% Bamboo Viscose Fiber and 5% Spandex
  • Sizing: XS to XXL
  • Cut: Bikini only
  • Coverage: Part coverage front to full coverage back
  • Colors: Available in red, purple, coral, denim and grey
  • Pack: Two to five packs

These sanitary underwear are fantastic if you want to buy multipacks at a bargain price. They come in lots of fun colors and the bamboo fabric is lovely and soft. They don’t have full coverage at the front but they do at the back. With these underwear period leaks won’t be a problem. You can wear them as back up protection on heavy days or solo on lighter days.

Check prices and read reviews on the Yoyi Fashion Bamboo Leakproof Panties here.


Best Plus Size Period Panties

When it comes to period panties plus size women can have a hard time finding a pair that fit. My top picks for plus size period panties

  • HestaHesta’s Organic Period Panties go up to a size 4XL which is a real winner for plus size women looking for cute period panties
  • Thinx – Thinx period panties go up to a size 3XL. Just be aware that their sizing is snug around the leg holes so go up a size.


Where to Buy Period Panties

Wondering where to buy period panties? We recommend buying them online to get the best possible pair for you. Using my reviews and chart above you should be able to make a quick pick.

When it comes to period underwear Amazon has a few really good options that are affordable compared to Thinx. Before you buy Amazon period panties other than the ones I’ve mentioned here, pay close attention to the sizing details and reviews.


How to Wash Period Panties

What makes period panties great is that it is reusable underwear for period blood. No waste to landfill, packing or purchases each month. Washable period panties are an affordable choice and can be used again, month after month. If you’re wondering how to clean period panties, it’s actually pretty simple.

  1. You need to give them a good rinse first. Rinse until the water runs clean. (I find the easiest way to do this is just to put them over the drain of the shower and let the water run through!)
  2. You do not need to soak your washable period underwear or use any stain remover.
  3. Once your washable absorbent underwear is completely rinsed just through it in on a cold wash cycle with the rest of your clothes.
  4. Line drying is advised for all menstrual panties (but I do sometimes throw my Thinx in the tumble dryer with no issue at all.)

And that’s how to wash period panties. Simple!


Got questions on reusable menstrual panties?

If you have questions or comments on how to use your menstrual cycle underwear, then we’d love to hear from you. Which do you think is the best reusable best panty for periods? Are you a fan of Thinx or do you prefer on of the other brands of period leak proof panties? Do you have any tips on using absorbent period panties? Feel free to drop us a comment below. We would love for your feedback.


Intimina Lily Compact Review

Intimina Lily Compact Review Menstrual Cup

Intimina Lily Compact Review – Best Menstrual Cup for Travel

Comes in two sizes – Size A and Size B

The Intimina Lily Compact is the world’s first collapsible menstrual cup! It pops down into a handy little disc-shaped carry case so you can keep it easily and discreetly in your purse or backpack. This makes it the best menstrual cup for travel as it won’t take up any space in your toiletries bag for the weeks when you’re not using it. Great huh? The Lily Compact comes in two sizes – Size A and Size B. Neither are particularly high capacity though, due to the folding design, so if you have a heavy flow you’ll want to change it more frequently or select a different kind of cup. Diameter wise it’s a pretty average sized cup and length wise it’s not overly long so it could work well for women with a low cervix. Once expand you won’t need to worry about it collapsing on you as it holds it’s shape really well. The silicone used it lovely and smooth.

What we like:

  • Collapsible – The only collapsible menstrual cup on the market. It’s discrete, can be carried anywhere and is great for travel.

What we don’t like:

  • Cup capacity – The capacity of the cup is quite small which means emptying more frequently if your flow is heavy.
  • Price – The cost of this cup is on the high side.

Click here to read more reviews on the Intimina Lily Compact Size A and to make your purchase.

Click here to read more reviews on the Intimina Lily Compact Size B and to make your purchase.