How to Check Your Own Cervix Position (Low Cervix)

measuring your cervix

You’ve probably hear the term “low cervix” bandied about before. But what do it mean to have a low cervix? To start, you should really know what a cervix is and where it’s located. Your cervix is at the inside end of your vagina and is a small opening that leads to your uterus.


How do I tell if I have a low cervix?

Here’s how to measure your own cervix. It’s pretty easy actually!

  • Measure at the beginning of your period. Your cervical height changes throughout your cycle.
  • Using clean hands, either sitting on the edge of the bath or a closed toilet or standing with one leg up, insert your middle finger into your vagina.
  • Some people people say the cervix feels like the end of your nose, others like a small squishy donut. You’ll know you’ve reached your cervix because your finger will not go any further up.
  • Using your finger as a guide, measure how far you can reach inside before feeling the cervix. You can judge this by using your knuckles as a ruler. If you only get as far as your middle knuckle, you have a low cervix. If you can get your finger all the way in or can’t reach your cervix using your finger then you have a high cervix.

Need a picture guide? Have a look at this diagram.


I have a low cervix. Can I use a menstrual cup?

In order to use a menstrual cup you need at least two inches between the opening of your vagina and your cervix. If you can get your finger in as far as you’re middle knuckle then you’re probably ok. Most women can use a menstrual cup successfully.


What are the best menstrual cups for a low cervix?

If you’ve got a low cervix you need to choose a menstrual cup to suit your vagina. You’ll need a shorter cup length for sure. Here are a couple of menstrual cups suitable for a low cervix:

FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Low Cervix Size

The FemmyCycle Menstrual Cup Low Cervix Size is one of the best menstrual cups for low cervix vaginas. It’s the shortest menstrual cup on the market so perfect to try out if you’ve struggled with other menstrual cups.


Lena Cup Small

The Lena Cup Small is a good option for women with a low cervix. The bell-shaped cup is comfortable and the small size cup is only 4.6 cm in length which is one of the smallest cup lengths. Just make sure you buy the small Lena cup, not the large.


Lunette Size 1

The Lunette Size 1 is another good choose for women with a low cervix as it’s a shorter cup and is soft a comfortable.

The Menstrual Cup Site

The Menstrual Cup Site was started by a group of women who want to reach and teach more women about menstrual cups. By using a menstrual cup you will save money, reduce waste and make managing your period easier.

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