7 Menstrual Cup Folds to Try for Perfect Menstrual Cup Insertion

Menstrual Cup Folds - Menstrual Cup Insertion Techniques

So now that you’ve got your new menstrual cup, it’s time to learn some menstrual cup folds. While there are many different ways to fold your cup for menstrual cup insertion out there to do it, you’ll definitely notice there’s probably one or two menstrual cup folding methods that work particularly well for you and your body and comfort level. Time to start testing them out! It’s really trial and error to find the menstrual cup fold that you find most comfortable to insert and easiest to get that “pop”  as the menstrual cup opens, letting you know you’ve created a good leakproof seal.


7 Menstrual Cup Folds to Try for Perfect Menstrual Cup Insertion


“C” Fold

This is probably the most common fold and comes with directions for just about every cup. This one however, is the widest of them all, which may not be great for everyone. You just have to pinch the cup and then fold it in half. You will quickly see the “C” shape and you can go ahead and insert.

Punch-Down Fold

Many people find this one to be one of the easiest because it decreasing the width significantly. The only issue is it doesn’t always pop open as easily once it is inserted. Push the rim of the cup down into the cup all the way down to the base with one finger. Then just pinch the sides of the cup together and grasp at the base to insert.

“7” Fold

The 7 fold menstrual cup is very popular because it is more narrow than the “C” fold but also pops open more easily than the punch-down fold. First start off by pinching the sides together same as the “C” fold. Then fold one side of the cup over and down so that it creates the shape of a “7” and insert.

Origami Fold

This one is probably the most complicated to describe but also lovely so pay attention! First, push one side of the rim down about halfway into the cup and then bring one side of the cup across the other and down like the “7” fold. Next press the cup flat so there are folds at the bottom. Lastly just pinch the bottom and insert!

“E” Fold

The folds with the letters are the best because you know exactly what kind of shape you are aiming for. For this one, you want to pinch the right side while smashing the left side together to get a “T” shape. Bring the leafs of the “T” shape down and around and you will have your “E” shape.

“S” Fold

For this one you simply need to bend it in half and then bring one side up while bringing the other down until you have an “S” shape.

Diamond Fold

This fold is just nice because of the name of it… and it also works well! Here you’ll want to begin by folding it in half then take the front lip and pull it down towards the base and you’ll have an oval shape. Press down a bit on the left side and hold it while using the other hand to do the same on the right hand side to create a diamond fold.

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